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Mantra is a modification of DooM2 (Though it does work with Ult and TNT.) That has gameplay more heavy on melee combat and bringing enemies to you to damage them. If you have any questions or are interested in my artwork, my Twitter is in my bio.

-Sprites, audio, and HUD are done by me, but the maps and textures are not.

All of them are the same and can be adjusted in the controls menu. Take note that every melee attack you deal grants invincibility frames, and the alternate fire key is used to make enemies gravitate to you so you may get closer to them with a lesser chance of getting surrounded.

}MANTRAS{                                                                                                                                                                    There are four, three of them with melee orientation. Medusa is the heavy, ranged artillery to be used in moderation. The Mantra of fish attacks twice in one click, the mantra of the pan deals heavy damage, and the mantra of the chair is the fastest and provides the longest range.

The eye is your own, and determines your condition. If it turns blue with multiple corneas, those are invincibility frames. The green orb is your fuel for the gravitation mantra, and the pink orb is ammo for your medusa mantra. Both fuels, as well as health, are restored upon murdering an enemy.

Pink-purple objects are hazards, don't touch them. Black and white objects are enemies, touch them with excessive pressure. Blue objects are scrolls and powerups, touch them. Green objects are healing items, touch them. All keys have the according colors for what door is required, and each key provides a bonus.

Install instructions

    Just run gzdoom.exe.
    Go to the GZDoom website, they have the engine for all operating systems.
    You can download GZDoom here.
    There's an app that runs GZDoom called Delta Touch.
    You can purchase Delta Touch here.


Mantra.zip 115 MB

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